It is just a Matter of Fate til you read it and fangirl with me

It is inevitable. It is just a Matter of Fate until you discover this book, and add it to your to read list, and find a way to obtain a copy of this book (e.g. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, friend, library), and read it, and finish it on the same day. Power of suggestion. Is it working?

A Matter of Fate by Heather Lyons


Look at that cover. It looks like a regular young adult contemporary romance book. *wrong buzzer sound*. There is no way this is a regular contemporary romance because this is an awesome magical one! And don’t forget the villains! It’s also action packed. 

First let me point out that Heather Lyons’ writing is magical and lyrical. Beautiful use of adjectives and very superb storytelling, that I was like a hooked from the beginning.

The world the author builds is intriguing and yes, I was fangirling. Unfortunately, this book is sadly under the radar with only a couple reviews and there wasn’t much online either. What the author created was magical. 

There are seven planes (human, dwarf, elven, gnome, fairy, goblin and Annar). There are magicals and non-magicals (AKA nons). They can live in either plane except Annar, which is exclusive for only the magicals. The nons do not know of the existence of the magicals, despite them being everywhere. There are different kinds of magicals and they are responsible for influencing events. A magical could either be an elemental, a seer, a storyteller, an intellectual, an emotional, a creator and many more. 
This story however focuses on Chloe, a creator. Creators are very rare and usually there are only two at a time. They are extremely powerful as they have the ability to create and destroy. Atlantis anyone? Chloe is next in line, as the previous creator is old and tired. He is very ready to relinquish his throne. But despite Chloe being the strongest magical around, she’s still a teenager and she’s stressed out of her head on how she can fit the bill of being creator. Destroying civilizations does not sit well with Chloe. Her parents also expect too much from her that her only refuge has been her dreams. She has fallen in love with a guy she dreamt of every night. Her dreams have been interactive until a couple of years ago, they just stop. This depresses her, until the guy in her dreams, Jonah, actually shows up in her class. 

But Jonah doesn’t just pop up by himself. In tow is his twin brother Kellan. And let me just say that Chloe makes a connection with both of them.

You would think that a love triangle with twins would be disgusting. But let Heather prove you wrong. I don’t know which twin I am actually routing for, so I am team Switzerland. 

I wish I could have made a better review, because I honestly think the books need to get out there cause it is very good. I encourage all Harry Potter and romance fans to get this book.